God of War Was Almost Set in Ancient Egypt, According to Developers

Would you have been as excited for God of War if the game was set in ancient Egypt rather than around Norse mythology? You almost got that version of the game. According to a panel at Devcom with game director Cory Barlog, the original concept of the game was set to take place in Egypt and revolve more around the gods and mythologies set around the same period of the game’s eventual storyline. GameSource documented the meeting, in which he showed off concept art of what was to come and how Kratos and Atreus were going to be designed.


We also learned that two more mythologies in the running were  Inca and Hindu myths and that it came down to a 50/50 split within the company of choosing to go Egyptian or Norse. In retrospect, the Norse was a good choice as having the Assassin’s Creed series currently set around Egypt and the Mediterranean area probably would have given people fatigue over both series from a storyline perspective. Making it Norse definitely set God of War apart from other franchises and games of the genre. But it is a pretty cool look at the idea that it came very close to beign a different game.

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