Steep's Nintendo Switch Port has Been Cancelled

Steep’s Nintendo Switch Port has Been Cancelled

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Ubisoft has announced that it is cancelling the Nintendo Switch port of Steep, instead focusing on the already live platforms.

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Steep was a neat idea. A multiplayer focused, winter sports game, which took place in a persistent open world is a novel concept, and there certainly was some fun to be had noodling around in the space, be it doing a race or simply barreling your rider head first into a cliff face with a wingsuit. It certainly had some flaws, but for what it is, it remains a decent time. The game was meant to be coming to the Nintendo Switch too, which would have opened up the game to a  brand new audience and the ability to play outside of the home.

Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Ubisoft has seemingly quietly cancelled the port. In a response to a fan on Twitter, the official Steep account confirmed that the game wouldn’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch any more. In the tweet, the team announced that they are focusing the versions of the games already available and its already established community. They said:

Honestly, due to the multiplayer and persistent nature of Steep, as well as the extensive graphics, a Nintendo Switch port of the game seems like it would be… an awkward fit for the Nintendo Switch. I can’t say I’m too surprised here, but still, it is good to have this confirmed.

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