Roman Reigns Shoots on Fan, Calls Out “Vocal Men Who Hate On Me”

The hottest feud in pro wrestling today isn’t taking place inside the squared circle. Instead, it’s on Twitter where top WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has been duking it out with his rival, a fan with 700 followers named WrestleMarty. The saga began when WWE tweeted about a home video release for The Shield, but tagged only one member in the tweet: The Big Dog.

When fans began pointing out that WWE neglected to tag Seth Rollins (but what about Dean Ambrose?), Reigns responded by tagging Rollins himself.

But Reigns’ choice in calling fans “crybabies” irked WrestleMarty, who offered Reigns some unsolicited advice.

Of course, as Bleeding Cool has oft-reported, Reigns’ fans are a dedicated group, often seen responding to anything Reigns tweets with affirmations such as “yessss,” “yessir,” “king,” “yes king,” “yassss,” and “yassss king,” as well as posting sultry gifs of The Big Dog flipping his luscious hair around. So it wasn’t long before Marty was beset by fans responding on Roman’s behalf, taking Marty to task for his criticism. It was then that Marty tweeted to Reigns:

But this earned the attention of The Big Dog himself, who took the opportunity to blast not only WrestleMarty, but everyone whom Reigns said belonged to “the small group of vocal men who decide to hate on me.”

After Reigns told him to enjoy his day of relevance, WrestleMarty changed his Twitter name to indicate that he was doing just that.

The question is, where does WWE go from here? Reigns’ feud with WrestleMarty is arguably just as hot as Reigns feud with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. It might seem unusual to involve a fan in a match, but at WrestleMania, the world watched as Braun Strowman chose a random child from the crowd, Nicholas, and went on to win the Raw Tag Team Championships with him. With The Beast recently turning on his manager Paul Heyman, might we see WrestleMarty step in to stand in Brock Lesnar’s corner when he and Reigns face off at SummerSlam?

We’ll have to wait and see.

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