Fallout 76’s Beta is Landing in October

Bethesda has confirmed that Fallout 76‘s beta is set to launch in October.

Fallout 76 announcement photo

There is obviously a lot of curiosity about Fallout 76. Bringing the famously single-player series into an online space is going to be quite unique to the franchise. Taking that world and environment and letting players shape it with their own small communities raises a lot of questions, so there is is an air of curiosity around the whole game.

Thankfully, players will be able to satisfy that curiosity without paying for the full game as part of the already announced beta. We now have a nice window for that beta too. As confirmed to PCGamesN, Fallout 76 will be launching its beta in October. There is no specific date, but as reported previously, the trial will start first on Xbox platforms and then move to both PlayStation 4 and PC later. Details on the size or content of the beta aren’t quite known yet, but there is no doubt it will be a great chance to experience what the game has to offer before diving in.

Betas, especially for online-focused games, tend to be quite generous with their offerings. For example, Destiny and Sea of Thieves gave players a solid idea of the full experience, and Bethesda will have to do something similar here. The team has to convince users who are used to more single-player focused RPGs from Fallout that it can translate to a living online space. I don’t envy that challenge, but I am indeed very curious to see if the team can pull it off.