6 Out of 10 San Diego Comic-Con Attendees Have Never Been to a Comic Shop – The Diamond Retailer Lunch

At the Diamond Retailer Appreciation Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, it was a time for publishers to meet the retailers. But since it was Diamond’s occasion, they got first dibs.

Damages are always a concern for comic book retailers, but Diamond was claiming that shortages in packing and damages in stock are at an all-time low. But you know not a retailer in the room will believe it. And this has always been the way.

There were more promises for increased technology to reduce such concerns even further.

Talking of new technology, they pitched the Previews Pullbox system, allowing readers to update their orders from their local comic shop, digitally, at a cost. I get reports of lots of folded arms in the audience, but maybe they need to see it in action. This will launch with the October preorder Diamond Previews catalogue.

DC is going to be the first publisher working with the system. Diamond emphasised how important this digital link to comic book shops was, claiming that 6 out of 10 Comic Con-goers have never been to a comic shop at all.

Previews Pullbox is a way for people who like comics to both discover comics and manage their orders and pre-orders, as they might an online supermarket.

Could it work?

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