Heroes in Crisis to Be Like Identity Crisis in Tone, Says DC at Diamond Retailer Lunch

DC Comics gave their presentation at the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con Friday, led by Jim Sokolowski and Adam Phillips. Discussing Heroes in Crisis, the upcoming super-mega-crossover event by Tom King and Clay Mann, DC confirmed that the series will be “like Identity Crisis in tone,” as many have guessed from what’s been revealed about the event so far.

Identity Crisis was a dark, seven-issue series by Brad MeltzerRags Morales, and Michael Bair published in 2004 which centered around the rape and murder of Sue Dibny. Heroes in Crisis is set at Sanctuary, a mental health clinic for superheroes dealing with the trauma of violence, founded by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The comic is said to kick off with an event where everyone at Sanctuary dies.

Check out some pages from Heroes in Crisis, which were shown at the event.

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