Hearthstone 2018 HCT Summer Championship: A83650 vs. Bunnyhoppor

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This week at the Hearthstone 2018 HCT Summer Championship has been one of the longest tournaments we’ve seen played in a while. But after some amazing fights, a few bad ones, a rage quit, and an amazing reverse sweep near the end, we make it to the finals with A83650 from Poland going up against Bunnyhoppor from Germany in an all-European final.


Championship Match: A83650 vs. Bunnyhoppor

Game one saw BH come out strong only to get stalled at the start as both eh and A8 were buffing themselves up and keeping each other at bay. The match spent a good chunk of time with both sitting above 25 health for most of the match until A8 was left with no better moves with the hand he was dealt and was forced to take on a couple brief onslaughts that widdled him down. In the end, BH managed to chop him down and take the first win.


BH carried on that confidence from the first win into his section match, slowly shaving off points from A8 at the start of the match and leaving him with few options as at one point it was 27-9. A8 came back midway through the match with a strong frontline and battled back hardcore to get back to even. A few quick plays with his deck and a trick move later from A8, and the series was tied back up at 1-1.


Round three started off with BH taking a good chunk of damage right at the start, giving A8 an early advantage as they sit at 16-28, respectfully. After that, the two of them spent half the match throwing creatures at each other in an attempt to get an upper hand, but really there were just wasting their reserves until their bigger guns came out. The minute BH drew the Lich, it was all downhill from there as he mowed down challenge after challenge, climbing back up the hole he found himself in, capturing the round and going up 2-1.


Game four started off with a bit of a back and forth, but about five minutes it, you kinda knew where it was going. BH had everything going in his favor while A8 was just getting some of the worst draws you could to try and combat what was being thrown at him. The match was over in about ten minutes as BunnyHoppor just ripped into his opponent piece by piece until there was nothing left for A8 to do but watch it end and give a heartfelt handshake to the winner. Congrats to BunnyHoopor for winning the Hearthstone 2018 HCT Summer Championship!

WINNER: BunnyHoppor (3-1)

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