"Hearthstone" Teases A "Battle For Azeroth" Event For BlizzCon

“Hearthstone” Teases A “Battle For Azeroth” Event For BlizzCon

When it comes to Hearthstone and World of Warcraft, the two may share a universe, but they don’t tend to cross storylines too often. Sure, there are references ehere and there to things happening in each world, but for the most part, what happens in the card game is a small reflection of what happens […]

“Heroes Of The Storm” Adds Deathwing To The Roster

Heroes Of The Storm is about to get changed, and not for the better, depending on which side your own, as Deathwing arrives. You’ve seen his wrath in WoW and Hearthstone, now his wrath will be felt in a third title as he will be coming to the game before year’s end. Deathwing will be […]

"Hearthstone" Player Blitzchung Suspended Over Hong Kong Comments

Suspended “Hearthstone” Player Blitzchung Responds To Blizzard

One day after Blizzard released their response to suspending Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai from Hearthstone for six months, he has responded. Ng Wai posted his response on TwitLonger, and you can read the full English translation below. The main takeaways are that he seems appreciative of the decision, but wishes Blizzard would reconsider the suspensions […]

Blizzard Issues An Official Statement On “Hearthstone” Suspension

After nearly five days of silence, Blizzard has issued an official statement regarding the suspension of Hearthstone esports player Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai. The company released the statement yesterday evening, both acknowledging they handled the situation poorly but reaffirmed their ban. For blitzchung and the broadcasters involved, their suspensions were not taken away, only reduced […]

Blizzard Receives More Backlash Over "Hearthstone" Player Ban

Blizzard Receives More Backlash Over “Hearthstone” Player Ban

Just 48 hours after Blizzard Entertainment ruled to ban a player for making a political statement during a Hearthstone event, the company is facing major backlash. Back on Tuesday morning, we reported on how the company made a ruling over a political statement made during one of their streams by Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai, who […]

"Hearthstone" Player Blitzchung Suspended Over Hong Kong Comments

“Hearthstone” Player Blitzchung Suspended Over Hong Kong Comments

Hearthstone player Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai has been suspended from the Grandmasters tournament after making comments on Hong Kong. The decision came down early this morning from Blizzard officials after watching the footage and deciding what action they thought was appropriate. In case you weren’t aware, blitzchung won his Grandmasters match in the Asia-Pacific region […]

“Hearthstone” Releases Details For Hallow’s End: Doom In The Tomb

This week, Blizzard revealed the details of the Halloween-themed event coming to Hearthstone as we all experience Hallow’s End: Doom In The Tomb. The short version of the event is that you and whatever heroes or E.V.I.L. villains you can muster together to uncover Uldum’s precious secrets and escape the doom in the aforementioned tomb. […]

The First "Hearthstone" Masters Tour Of 2020 Comes To Arlington

The First “Hearthstone” Masters Tour Of 2020 Comes To Arlington

Blizzard revealed where the first major tournament for Hearthstone will be in 2020 as the Masters Tour will head to Arlington, Texas. The event will take place from January 30th until February 2nd at the Esports Stadium Arlington. Over 300 invited competitors from around the globe will be vying for a shot at a $250k […]

Blizzard Announces Hearthstone Masters Tour Championships in Seoul

“Hearthstone” Issues Major Changes For Masters Qualifiers & More

Blizzard has just issued a ton of new changes to the way their Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers will run moving forward to ease the esports format. Beginning on October 3rd, the Masters Tour Qualifiers will use the Conquest, best-of-three, 3 decks with a ban format. The system will expand to 512 players but will switch to […]

The "Hearthstone" Solo Adventure "Tombs Of Terror" Pre-Order Available

The “Hearthstone” Solo Adventure “Tombs Of Terror” Pre-Order Available

Blizzard has announced this week that the next Hearthstone solo adventure, Tombs of Terror, which is tied to Saviors Of Uldum, is available for pre-purchase. The first chapter is free and will go live on all platforms on September 17th. But for the complete adventure, you’ll need to plunk down $20. You can read more […]

Felkeine Takes The “Hearthstone” Championship At Masters Tour Seoul

This evening in Seoul, South Korea, Felkeine bested the best in Hearthstone to take the championship in the Masters Tour Seoul. In what were an all-French finals, Théo “Felkeine“ Dumont squared off against Martin “Zhym” Prêté with identical Highlander Mage mirror decks. But Felkeine had the upper hand at the end and managed to run away with […]

"Hearthstone" Reveals Next Expansion Deck "Saviors of Uldum"

Blizzard Releases “Saviors Of Uldum” Into “Hearthstone” This Week

This week, Blizzard is finally adding the latest Hearthstone expansion, Saviors Of Uldum, to the servers for people to play with. You can now balance out some of the other decks in the mix as The League of Explorers have arrived stop the vile plans of Arch-Villain Rafaam and his band of nefarious ne’er-do-wells in […]

“Hearthstone” Announces The Grandmasters Season One Winners

Today marked the end of Season One for the Hearthstone Grandmasters, with a few surprise victories coming out of it as they make their way to BlizzCon. The final results showed PNC from Americas, Surrender from Asia-Pacific, and Fenomeno from Europe all taking top honors as they were crowned Season One champs in their respective […]

BlizzCon 2019 Will Host The “Hearthstone” Global Finals

Big news this weekend out of Blizzard as they have announced the Hearthstone Global Finals will officially take place at BlizzCon 2019. The company will be holding the event this November where eight players will compete at the Anaheim Convention Center for a $500k prize pool, the trophy, and the title of Hearthstone World Champion. […]

"Hearthstone" Reveals Next Expansion Deck "Saviors of Uldum"

“Hearthstone” Reveals Next Expansion Deck “Saviors of Uldum”

Blizzard announced a brand new expansion coming to Hearthstone next month as players will be dealing with the “Saviors of Uldum”. After all the events that took place over the spring with the various villain expansion cards, you knew the League Of E.V.I.L. would end up meeting their match at some point. Enter: the League […]

"Hearthstone" Is Releasing New Classic Cards and Updates Soon

“Hearthstone” Is Releasing New Classic Cards and Updates Soon

Blizzard has got a number of updates on the way for Hearthstone over the next month, starting with some new classic cards coming to the game. The developers released a new blog update this week, discussing many of the changes on the way. One of the big areas they discuss is the changes coming to […]

UNIQLO Shows Off A New Blizzard Entertainment Collection

UNIQLO Shows Off A New Blizzard Entertainment Collection

Today UNIQLO showed off their latest collection of high-end geeky wears, this time partnering with Blizzard Entertainment for a whole new collection. The new gear has shirts and designs from Overwatch, Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone for your gaming choices. You can now check out all of these designs […]

Hearthstone Crowns Its First Masters Tour Champion

Hearthstone Crowns Its First Masters Tour Champion

Hearthstone has its first Masters Tour Champion today as Eric David “dog” Caero beat Edward “Gallon” Goodwin in Las Vegas 3-1. Caero will take home $100k as well as the trophy you see below. We have some quotes from Blizzard from the event for you here as well as video of the finals, as the […]

“Hearthstone” Launches The Dalaran Heist Chapter V – Kirin Tor Citadel

This week, Blizzard officially launched the latest chapter to Hearthstone‘s latest storyline, The Dalaran Heist, with Chapter V – Kirin Tor Citadel. In this final chapter, E.V.I.L. is just at Dalaran’s doorstep and all they have to do is to take down the magic-makers themselves, the leaders of the Kirin Tor. Enjoy this trailer as […]