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Money in the Bank 2018: How WWE Is Failing Carmella

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After last night’s lackluster Money in the Bank pay per view, I have a lot to say about two matches in particular. Overall, the show was boring. The obvious winners won (Braun Strowman winning the men’s ladder match — who could have seen that coming?), and stuff like this match happened. Asuka vs. Carmella would have been a solid match. Both are excellent in the ring, and yeah, Mella is money. But WWE has been failing her as a superstar, who should be standing on her own.

The match went as according to plan. Asuka was dominating Carmella, and when it looked like Asuka would win the SmackDown Women’s title, the match had interference. James Ellsworth — dressed in Asuka’s kimono and mask — jumped on the mat to distract Asuka.

As such, Carmella won, retaining her title. For the second year in a row, Carmella has won a high-stakes match with the aid of a man. Now, don’t get me wrong — getting help from your friends isn’t a bad thing. But in this case WWE has turned Carmella into an undeserving champ — a superstar who (aside from great mic work) can’t stand on her own two feet without “help”. She looks more like a damsel in distress most of the time, something that goes against this “women’s revolution” of which WWE is so desperately trying to convince us. It’s insulting to see how she’s being written, and it really makes her look like an incapable wrestler.

As far as Asuka, I feel like she’d fare better in Ring of Honor. WWE killed her streak prematurely, and she feels more like a jobber week after week.

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