Corey Graves' Wife Accuses WWE Commentator of Affair with Superstar

Professional wrestling has had a long tradition of having real life "storylines" that sometimes eclipse the stories being told in the ring – and in the age of social media, that "proud tradition" continues to burn along brighter than ever. Case in point: Corey Graves, ex-NXT professional wrestler and current WWE commentator – and now […]

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Money in the Bank 2018: How WWE Is Failing Carmella

After last night's lackluster Money in the Bank pay per view, I have a lot to say about two matches in particular. Overall, the show was boring. The obvious winners won (Braun Strowman winning the men's ladder match — who could have seen that coming?), and stuff like this match happened. Asuka vs. Carmella would have […]

Smackdown Live

SmackDown Live is Now the WWE's Best Show

While RAW is still great and has some exceptional talent, SmackDown has seen an upswing in better stories, better matches, and all of the talent seems to have much better chemistry. Last night's show was absolutely a ton of fun to watch. Every single match was great, and for me it was hard to pick […]

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The Women's Money in the Bank Roster Is Set – Who Will Win?

As of last night, Sasha Banks is the last superstar to enter the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The lineup is pretty solid for this year, and frankly I don't know who I want to win. #TheBoss @SashaBanksWWE has filled out the field for the Women's #MITB #LadderMatch! — WWE (@WWE) […]

The Next Season of Total Divas Will Be Less F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Without Carmella

WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Carmella will not appear on the next season of Total Divas, the superstar confirmed in a video interview with BANG Showbiz. "I am not on this next season," Carmella answered when asked for an update on the show. "Right now I'm focusing on being the best champion I can be. I […]

carmella charlotte flair backlash 2018

Backlash 2018: Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella for the SmackDown Women's Championship

UP NEXT: The #SDLive #WomensChampionship is on the line at #WWEBacklash as @CarmellaWWE defends against former champion @MsCharlotteWWE! — WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2018 After defeating Asuka at WrestleMania, Charlotte Flair lost her title fairly quickly to Carmella, who won thanks to The Iconics ambushing Flair. I'm happy to see Carmella getting her own, […]

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Wrestlemania 34 Was Great, Until It Wasn't Anymore

Wrestlemania has come and gone, and in its wake we have…oh, about 11 hours to process everything from the seven hour show before Raw tonight. The past few years with their long, long, long runtimes have seen noticeable effects on the live crowd and their enthusiasm. This was very evident last night. On paper, you […]

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Ruby Riott and Naomi Go One-on-One

Let's. Start. A. RIOTT!#SDLive @RubyRiotWWE @YaOnlyLivvOnce @sarahloganwwe — WWE (@WWE) December 27, 2017 After injuring Naomi at their last meet-up, Ruby Riott and Naomi met once again to throw hands on last night's SmackDown. In less than four minutes, Ruby (and her Riott Squad, because both RAW and SmackDown need similar crazy girl teams) […]

James Ellsworth

James Ellsworth Is Now The Hottest Free Agent In Wrestling

There's a new free agent on the scene in pro wrestling, and any promoter with two hands and a contract has a chance to sign him! James Ellsworth was released by WWE Wednesday, with the company releasing the following statement: WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar James Ellsworth. WWE wishes […]

Will Naomi Win The Title Back Tonight?

STILL TO COME: @NaomiWWE will bring the glow and the fight when she challenges @NatByNature for the #SDLive #WomensTitle! — WWE (@WWE) September 13, 2017 After Natalya won the Smack Down Women's Championship from Naomi at SummerSlam, all eyes have been on their rivalry. The two are fierce athlete's, and their matches are always […]


Carmella Goes Off On James Ellsworth On Last Night's SmackDown

"You're a charity case. Your mother should have given you away at birth." Winner = @NatbyNature Loser? In this situation, definitely @realellsworth… #SDLive — WWE (@WWE) September 6, 2017 Ellsworth is a great heel. He's been great at undermining Carmella and her efforts to win the Women's Championship, which has always cost her dearly. […]


Ms. Money In The Bank Takes Down Naomi With Help From James Ellsworth

Carmella is kind of a bully, which is what she demonstrated at the beginning of last night's match when she slapped Naomi down on the mat. Naomi quickly rebuffed, kicking the pretty money pant-wearing lady out of the ring. The match got heated quickly, with Carmella being dominant for some time. She pinned the champion […]

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Lots Of Fire And Glow In The Women's Tag Team Match On SmackDown Live

Becky Lynch, alongside Naomi, went up against Carmella and Natalia Hart, in last night's SmackDown Live women's tag team match. Natalia and Lynch started the match, and the two are pretty evenly matched. Neither was giving into the other, but Natalia was relying on the refs to get her opponents off of her, and for […]

Who Will Be Victorious? WWE Smackown Women's Ladder Match, Round 2

After the upset at the Money in The Bank PPV event, Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan announced on the following Smackdown Live show that there would be a re-match, since Carmella technically didn't win the match. The re-match aired on June 27th on Smackdown Live, and had the original Women's Ladder Match contestants: Charlotte Flair, […]

Historic WWE Women's Ladder Match: It Sucked

For weeks the WWE boasted about how they were becoming more progressive with women's wrestling. How they now have the most female wrestlers–including the NXT roster, how they've come so far since the days of Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah. Women are movers and shakers in the WWE! So when it was announced on […]

Is WWE Smackdown Live Planning A Women's Ladder Match For Money In The Bank?

In addition to today's official announcement of the Mae Young Classic, a tournament to air on the WWE Network featuring 32 women from around the world, a new rumor has hit the dirt sheets claiming that WWE is also planning the first women's Money in the Bank match at the next Smackdown Live PPV. Pro […]

Superstar Shakeup: The WWE Trades That NEED To Happen

Vince McMahon announced on Raw this week that change is coming with a "Superstar Shakeup," which I'm guessing is the new "WWE Draft." How things are going to shape up are anyone's guesses. It's all speculation and as time has shown us in the previous brand-split that nothing is ever certain until it happens on […]