Marion Ravenwood’s ‘Raiders’ Hangover Cure Finally Revealed

Posted by June 14, 2018 Comment

Sometimes FilmTwitter can be an amazing place, with creators and fans asking the right questions at the right time. This happened recently with an Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark longstanding question that needed to be answered.

Mainly: what the hell is it that Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) holds up to her temples after winning the drinking contest?

Ian McCamey recently asked this question out loud on Twitter, and thankfully instead of the usual bout of insults and jabs, the internet came to his aid to get to the bottom of the story.

McCamey tracked down a copy of Lawrence Kasdan‘s original screenplay, to find a mention of what Marion’s hangover cure was.

It’s snowballs!

Much like Ian, I’ve also always watched that scene believing it to be a pair of shot glasses she’s holding to her temples, not so much because of the sound design but because of her use of them in the previous moments.

Whelp, time to go watch Raiders for the 1,000th time, because why not?

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