Ori and The Will of the Wisps Gets a New E3 Trailer

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps got a new trailer at E3, showcasing a more threatening vibe and brighter colours than its predecessor.

Ori and the will of the wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps was announced last year at E3, bringing the long-awaited sequel to the cult favourite (and Bleeding Cool’s 2015 Game of the Year). It was expected we would be hearing from Moon Studio’s title during Microsoft’s press conference, and it is good they didn’t disappoint.

The trailer showed that striking art style you might have come to expect from the title, now smoother and with a brand new lease of colour. The trailer opened with the Ori family together and happy, and… well, of course, as you expect, things go array and Ori must go out into the world again. There seems to be a new threat coming to the world, and it looks decidedly a little scarier than the hawk from the first game. IT certainly looked a little less… organic too. You can check it out here:

It was announced that the game is set for 2019 too, so sadly we will have a bit of a wait on our hands. As one of the biggest advocates for the first game though, I am very happy to see the progress the game is making. Here’s to seeing more in the future.

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