Dying Light 2 Sends You Running Through The Zombie Ridden Streets Again

During Microsoft’s E3 press briefing, it was announced Techland will be making their return with Dying Light 2.

Dying Light

Dying Light was a wonderful little surprise when it came out. The zombie parkour game took many blindsided, taking ideas from games like Dead Island and adding some fresh new ideas and some excellent movement for the genre. Add on top of that, years-long support well past launch through free updates and substantial DLC, made sure the game still has a community today.

It seems that Techland is ready to go into what is next and it looks like a big improvement still. There seem to be a lot more choices this time around, with the world reacting to your decisions and factions choosing to help or hinder you. Of course, at night the zombies come out to play too. You can check out the title here:

As I said, the game has a pretty devout following now, and this new stuff looked impressive. Techland certainly has a track record of knowing what is best for this series, so seeing them go again from the ground up is certainly a hopeful sign. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but here’s hoping it isn’t too far off.