More Batman #50 Covers by Joseph Michael Linsner, Greg Horn, Natali Sanders, and More

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You’ve seen plenty of Batman #50 retailer exclusive comics on Bleeding Cool. Frank Cho triptych, from Jorge Jimenez and Jason Fabok, from Joe Jusko, from Dawn McTeigueand a bevy from Josh Middleton, Francesco Mattina, Jock, Joe Madureira, Ale Garza, Jim Balent, Jae Lee, Dave Johnson, Clay Mann, and Mark Brooks.

…here come even more.

Batman #50 by Greg Horn has a triptych of covers from his own website.


Batman #50 by Joseph Michael Linsner for Galaxy Comics.

Batman #50 by Nick Derington for Ultimate Comics.

Batman #50 by David Mack for Surprise Comics

Batman #50 by Mike Mayhew for Comic Pop

Batman #50 by Lucia Parillo for Scorpion Comics and Clan McDonald Comics.

Batman #50 by Warren Louw for KRS Comics.

Batman #50 by Neal Adams for his booth at San Diego Comic-Con.

Batman #50 by Tyler Kirkham for Unknown Comics, all of them.

The one I was really surprised by, Batman #50 by EBas for Legacy Comics. EBas has not done this kind of thing for DC Comics after he was accused of sexual assault.

Batman #50 by Joe Jusko for Midtown Comics, a few other variants.

Batman #50 by Natali Sanders for CMS Comics.

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