Lots of Comic Pros Are Having Trouble Getting Pro Badges for New York Comic Con

It’s that time of year again. Time for New York Comic Con to begin sending out their acceptance and rejection letters to comic book professionals. And this year, it seems, being a comic book professional, even a famous and/or critically acclaimed one, won’t guarantee you a pro badge. Especially if you’re a letterer, like Eisner and Harvey nominated Deron Bennett, who posted on Twitter:

Interesting indeed, and prompting further discussion of who didn’t get in…

Tough criteria, it seems, especially for a prize that isn’t even free…

Many of the rejected applicants have been approved in the past. Even those once featured as guests. Perhaps, most notably, Jamal Igle:

That one prompted some strong reactions from other pros:

The NYCC website is vague about the selection criteria on their website:

NYCC welcomes professionals across the full spectrum of pop culture industries and is happy to provide an Industry badge to approved artists, buyers, creators, editors, educators, librarians, licensors, producers, publishers, tastemakers, retailers and writers currently working or retired from comics and popular arts. Due to the volume of applications, we cannot provide Industry badges to support staff, such as administrative staff, facilities, IT, operations and others who are not directly involved in the creative process.

Also, just because you were granted a professional badge in the past does not guarantee you will be approved this year.

So what’s going on?

So did anybody in comics actually get in?

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