When Mark Millar's Daughter Hacked His Twitter Account

When Mark Millar’s Daughter Hacked His Twitter Account

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Superstar comic book writer and Millarworld mogul Mark Millar may be riding high on the glory of his big Netflix deal, but even the most powerful people in Scotland can fall prey to the dangers of poor cybersecurity. That was the case Wednesday night when Millar’s phone was purloined by a hacker for several hours before Millar regained control. Making matters worse, the attack came not from a foreign power or business rival, but from inside Millar’s own home, from his own 6-year-old daughter!

After gaining control of Millar’s account, she tweeted:

Millar’s new line of Netflix comics are published through Image Comics, but it wasn’t only the superheroes of rival comic book publisher DC that Millar’s daughter used his Twitter account to promote. She also gave a shout-out to her favorite Marvel Comics characters.

It would be several hours before Millar regained control of the account, at which point he tweeted:

It sure could have been! Imagine if she started tweeting about her favorite shows to watch on Hulu.

Hopefully, Millar adopts better cybersecurity practices in the future… actually, we hope he doesn’t. This was too cute, and we hope it happens again.

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