GameSeek Goes Bust - No Nintendo Labo For My Kids

GameSeek Goes Bust – No Nintendo Labo For My Kids

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Dear Eve and Alice,

Sorry that your paid-for Nintendo Labo hasn’t arrived yet. I know you have been very very excited and that Daddy pre-ordered one in February as a birthday present for you both. But it seems that the company Gameseek we ordered it from ran out of money.

Nintendo labo

Yes, I know when I called them up ten days ago to ask why it was so late, the nice woman said it was in the wrong warehouse but it was coming through any day now.

But when I contacted her again today, the e-mail bounced.

And then I discovered from this letter posted online, that Gameseek have gone into liquidation.

That is a long word, yes, it means that they haven’t got enough money. Or, probably, Nintendo Labos.

And no, they didn’t send me a copy of this letter or anything.

Yes, I am very upset. No, not as upset as you, I know.

Can I get my money back? Possibly, I did pay on credit card but it was a while ago when we pre-ordered. Okay, I will call them up and ask. But no, I can’t promise anything.

Yes, I might just call up Dow Schofield Watts and ask why I am not on the Creditors list. Because, frankly, I do feel a Liquidators Committee meeting coming on.

Sorry kids. I can still fold cardboard boxes with you into the shape of a piano. But they won’t play any music, so it might not be the same.

Yes, a lot of other people are in the same boat. Shall we see what they have to say?

Yes, that last one was a bit rude, wasn’t it kids? Some people, your daddy included, are very very cross…

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