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Shucky Ducky Quack Quack! Booker T to Return to Raw Commentary Team Again

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Booker T will once again triumphantly return to the WWE Monday Night Raw commentary table next week, giving viewers a much-needed break from The Coach, WWE announced on Raw last night. The most likely reason for Booker’s return is that Coach is doing something for the Golf Channel, as was the case when Booker filled in for one night on the April 23rd edition of Raw.

It’s no secret that WWE’s Raw and Smackdown commentary has been stale for years, but one bright spot amongst the darkness was the period last year when Booker T took over on Raw full time for a temporary stint to replace David Otunga while he was filming a movie and having a custody battle with his ex-wife, Jennifer Hudson. Booker’s unpredictability and raw enthusiasm for pro wrestling is a breath of fresh air in an overpolished WWE. Of course, it didn’t last, with WWE hiring Coachman back from ESPN to replace Booker earlier this year.

Whatever the case, Booker T, the best color commentator currently in WWE’s employ, will be back for one week, and that’s a good thing for fans. It could also be a good thing for Booker, who is likely thinking about his 2019 Houston mayoral prospects after seeing his colleague Kane win the Knox County Mayoral primary. Kane spent more time on WWE Raw than he did on the campaign trail, and it seemed to pay off for him. Booker should be looking at how he too can harness the power of pro wrestling to bolster his political career. After all, the sky’s the limit when it comes to pro wrestlers in politics; a WWE Hall-of-Famer is president, after all.

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