Streets of Rogue Gets a New Update with Tons of Features

TinyBuild Games released a brand-new update this week for Streets of Rogue, which is basically the culmination of several months of work from the one-man show behind the game, Matt Dabrowski. Check out the complete details of the update below, which adds a bunch of new features, mutators, disasters, and NPCs into the mix for you to deal with. And if you haven't played the game yet, read our review of Streets of Rogue here.

New Features:
  • Big Quests – Character-specific quests that involve specific tasks on each floor of the game. To complete the Big Quest, you must complete each task on all 15 floors to unlock an achievement / reward.
  • New Level (Uptown) – The city's Upper-Crusters enjoy a leisurely lifestyle of shopping and bathhouse visits, while Cop Bots patrol the streets to confiscate your booze and deport all non-citizens.
New Disasters:
  • War Zone – There's a massive war going on between Cannibals and Soldiers, who spawn infinitely and duke it out in the streets while you complete your missions.
  • Ooze – An unstoppable, dangerous Ooze is spreading through the level…
  • Bounty – There's a bounty on your head, and random people with concealed weapons will attack you when you get close
  • Lockdown – All doors are locked, and no one will let you in. Oh, and the Cops are Hostile.
  • Shifting Status Effects – Everyone in the level receives a new, randomized status effect every 10 seconds, due to poison in the air. Or something. Chaos.
New Mutators:
  • Mixed-Up Environments – This can result in Lakes appearing in the Slums, Vampires appearing in the Industrial area, etc.
  • Exploding Bodies – Causes people to explode shortly after dying or being otherwise neutralized.
  • Infinite Ammo and Infinite Melee Durability – Does what they say!
  • No Cops – Progress through the game without having to worry about the fuzz taking you down.
  • Continue – Gives the player 2 Continues, alleviating some of that roguelike frustration. This means that if the player dies, they can start at the beginning of that level, with everything reset to its original state.
  • Quick Game – Makes the game 10 levels long instead of 15, with only 2 levels per district. More variety in a short timespan.
  • Random Mutators – You get a new, randomized set of mutators on each level. A stupid amount of variety.
  • Random Level Themes – Each level takes you to a new district, if you're sick of starting in the Slums every game.
New NPCs:
  • Firefighter – Will attempt to salvage buildings from your arsonist tendencies.
  • Cop Bots – Will attempt to take your weapons, alcohol, and drugs. Or deport you. Or just murder you.

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