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TinyBuild Games Takes Over TV With "Not For Broadcast" At PAX West

“Not For Broadcast” Is Getting A Prologue In December

The folks at tinyBuild Games announced today that their upcoming game Not For Broadcast will be getting a special prologue. The game centers around you running a broadcast room for a network TV station, and apparently, the prologue will have you determining what people see on the air. Is there a giant government conspiracy to […]

The Bizarre "Pathologic 2" is Bringing its Strange Thrills to Xbox One

“Pathologic 2” is Bringing its Strange Thrills to Xbox One

Ice-Pick Lodge’s terrifying Pathologic 2 is a game that really has to be experienced to be believed. If you missed it when it first debuted on PC, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to check it out on Xbox One, thanks to Xbox Game Pass, next month. Pathologic 2 will be added to Xbox Game Pass […]

"Graveyard Keeper" Just Got New DLC Called "Stranger Sins"

“Graveyard Keeper” Just Got New DLC Called “Stranger Sins”

TinyBuild Games and Lazy bear Games have added a new DLC pack to Graveyard Keeper, which adds in the ability to run a tavern. You still have the ability to make terrible decisions about your graveyard, but now they’re compounded with the fact you can get people drunk. At an establishment you own! Enjoy the […]

TinyBuild Games Takes Over TV With "Not For Broadcast" At PAX West

TinyBuild Games Takes Over TV With “Not For Broadcast” At PAX West

We had a moment to visit with tinyBuild Games at PAX West 2019, and while they had a lot to show, we checked out one game in Not For Broadcast. The game works a little like Five Nights At Freddy’s, but without the horror element. You are the master control room operator of a local […]

Pathological 2 Releases a Demo Prior To May Release

TinyBuild Games Puts Pathologic 2 Out For Pre-Order

Pathologic 2 is just two weeks away from release, so tinyBuild Games has added it to the pre-order list on their website. The developers are offering special discounts as those who do pre-order will get 10% off, as well as those who own Pathologic Classic HD and tinyBuild fans. They also released a new trailer […]

Pathological 2 Releases a Demo Prior To May Release

Pathologic 2 Releases a Demo Prior To May Release

Before tinyBuild Games releases Pathologic 2 on May 23rd for Steam and Xbox One, the company has put out a free demo version for you to try out. The narrative-driven survival thriller from Ice-Pick Lodge will set you in a town being consumed by a deadly plague, as you have to deal with the idea […]

Getting a Glimpse of TinyBuild's Upcoming Games at PAX East 2019

Getting a Glimpse of TinyBuild’s Upcoming Games at PAX East 2019

Whenever we visit a game convention, we always look for the orange banner of tinyBuild Games to check out, as we did this year at PAX East. Aside from getting a blinking lanyard, orange shades, and a Hello Neighbor doll that made everyone on the flight home ask me “what is that?”, we got to […]

TinyBuild Will Soon Add Graveyard Keeper to the Nintendo Switch

Gotta love the staff at tinyBuild Games as they have finally announced in an unflattering fashion that Graveyard Keeper is coming to Nintendo Switch. As the company was setting up for PAX East this year, they released this trailer yesterday announcing the good news. As such, you can try out the game on the Switch […]

TinyBuild Games Gives Rapture Rejects an Official Release Date

After a few months of beta testing, tinyBuild Games announced today that they will officially release Rapture Rejects next week on Steam. Probably one of the best battle royale concepts that doesn’t take itself so seriously, the game puts you in the position of someone who did their best to lead a good life, but when […]

TinyBuild Games Adds New “Breaking Dead” DLC to Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper just got one of the most awesome DLC additions we could hope for from tinyBuild Games called “Breaking Dead”. The DLC will have you taking corpses of recently deceased members of the community you help do graveyard work for and turn them into workers who will do all the menial tasks for you […]

Trying to Figure Out What We’re Doing in UnDungeon at PAX West

One of the games we got to try out during tinyBuild Games’ big reveal before PAX West was UnDungeon, but we’re not sure what’s going on. We got the basic premise of the story which is that somehow, seven versions of Earth all collided into one mixed bag where they all coexist as one giant […]

Getting a Taste of Hellpoint from TinyBuild at PAX West

TinyBuild Games announced a few new titles before PAX West kicked off this year, and we got a chance to play some of the demos, like Hellpoint. Looking at the game and the way it plays, all of this might seem just a tad familiar to some of you. If you haven’t already checked it […]

Guts and Glory Receives a Console Trailer Before Next Week’s Release

If you’ve been enjoying the blood-covered obstacle courses that Guts and Glory have been providing on PC, you’ll have just as much fun on console. TinyBuild Games released a brand new trailer this week hyping the game’s release on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. If you’re not familiar with the game yet, this is basically […]

tinybuild garage art

TinyBuild Games Releases a Horrifying New Trailer for Garage

Just in case you weren’t already kind of scared and terrified to play tinyBuild Games’ latest title Garage, they made a new trailer for you. Zombie Dynamics went to great lengths to create this indie title that will basically leave your heart racing as you try to complete flushing out horde after horde of zombies and other […]

TinyBuild Games Brings Humor to Hell on Earth with Rapture Rejects

TinyBuild Games has been pretty quiet leading into E3, but they stopped that in the most glorious way possible with Rapture Rejects. This is a battle royale game where you play as people who weren’t called up to heaven after the rapture hit, leaving you to basically kill everyone in sight because you already know you’re […]

Hello Neighbor Is Coming to Mobile Devices in July

This morning, tinyBuild Games made the announcement that it would be bringing its hit game Hello Neighbor to mobile devices, giving iOS and Android users a unique experience with the game on cellphones and tablets. The company released the trailer below, which shows off some of the gameplay and the experience you’ll be getting. It’s […]

Streets Of Rogue art

Streets of Rogue Gets a New Update with Tons of Features

TinyBuild Games released a brand-new update this week for Streets of Rogue, which is basically the culmination of several months of work from the one-man show behind the game, Matt Dabrowski. Check out the complete details of the update below, which adds a bunch of new features, mutators, disasters, and NPCs into the mix for you […]

tinybuild garage art

TinyBuild Games Releases Extended Gameplay Trailer for Garage

After having a couple of quiet months, it looks like tinyBuild Games are ramping up their 2018 lineup of games. First, we got a new trailer for Graveyard Keeper, and now we have an extended trailer for another new indie title on the way called Garage. Right now, the description of the game is pretty […]

TinyBuild Games Shows Off the Graveyard Keeper Reveal Trailer

We’ve been super patient in waiting for tinyBuild Games to finally release Graveyard Keeper. The game looks and plays super awesome, as we got to try out the morbid simulator, as we got to try it our briefly at PAX West last year. Today, we got an update on some news for the game, as […]

Hello Neighbor Finds Its Way to PS4 in Latest Trailer

TinyBuild Games have taken Hello Neighbor to practically every console so far, with the Nintendo Switch being the latest of the bunch to be announced to receive the game. Until today, that is, when we finally get to see the game come to the PS4. In a video post from the publisher TinyBuild and developer Dynamic […]