Stand-Alone Oculus Go Headset Now Available For $199

Stand-Alone Oculus Go Headset Now Available For $199

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Facebook has released the Oculus Go, a tetherless and PC-less VR headset for the relatively cheap price of $199.

Oculus Go

I’m a huge believer in VR. The form is so interesting and provides so many potential uses, that even though the technology hasn’t yet exploded in the gaming space, I think it will be around for some time. The reason that boom hasn’t happened is due to the fairly expensive nature of the devices. The high-end VR devices are the cost of or sometimes double the cost of a games console, and some need a very powerful PC on top of that. It’s an enthusiast’s product for those with some a decent amount of spare change.

Well, Oculus is trying to change that. The company has surprise launched the hardware which is attempting to cut out some of the key concerns of premium headsets. The rig doesn’t require a computer or smartphone to run, making it a non-tethered, all in one device. The real kicker is that it is available for just $199. That price will get you a 32gb device, but if you splash out on a 64gb device it will take you to $249.

This is most certainly a pretty interesting development in VR technology. No longer do you need to splash $700 or have any other hardware to get your teeth into some serious VR. The market will be pulling from Oculus’s not inconsiderable library that is already established. There are around 1000 apps ready to use with the device already While I don’t expect this to catch the world on fire just yet, this is definitely a right step in the kind of consumer-friendly device I’d expect to really bring the technology to the mass market. I’ll most certainly be keeping tabs on how well this does.

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