Preview Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude, a Jumping on Point for the Entire Valiant Universe

Preview Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude, a Jumping on Point for the Entire Valiant Universe

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Valiant Entertainment, like a fine narcotics dealer, knows that it needs to give people a little taste to get them hooked on their product. You can’t just jump right into an ongoing series or a super-mega-crossover event like the upcoming Harbinger Wars 2. That would be madness. Madness! Instead, readers must be gently eased into the weekly comics buying cycle with a jumping on point, an industry term for a comic that’s ostensibly accessible to new readers.

Enter Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude #1, a jumping on point not only for Harbinger Wars 2, but according to the press release, for the entire Valiant Universe.

“Before HARBINGER WARS 2 begins, JUMP ON BOARD HERE with A STANDALONE INTRODUCTION TO THE VALIANT UNIVERSE’s most powerful forces from the master storytellers behind SECRET WEAPONS: Academy Award-nominated writer Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and Harvey Award-nominated artists Raúl Allén (SECRET WEAPONS) and Patricia Martín (BLOODSHOT REBORN)!” the press release reads, randomly shouting words in a manner that will shock new readers into a state of receptiveness, getting them perfectly primed for reading the comic.

Even better, Valiant is now offering the perfect jumping on point to the jumping on point, with a preview of the issue. Valiant, you’ve got all your bases covered. Check out the solicit and preview images below.

Cover A by RAÚL ALLÉN (MAR181990)
Cover B by MICHAEL CHO (MAR181991)
Variant Cover by CARY NORD (MAR181992)
HW2 Icon Variant by FELIPE MASSAFERA (MAR181993)
Pre-Order Edition by KHARI EVANS (MAR181989)

The Harbinger Renegades have been scattered across America… battered by the brutal MASSACRE that decimated their ranks.

Now, Livewire – leader of the Harbinger Foundation’s most unusual group of SECRET WEAPONS – is about to incite the coast-to-coast clash that brings them all together in an inescapable collision of power.

Pushed to the brink by the government she once served, Toyo Harada’s former star pupil is about to make an irreversible decision… and deactivate America’s power supply in a last-ditch bid to save the extraordinary individuals called “psiots” from extinction. As a nation goes dark, the paths of our world’s most powerful heroes will soon converge…and the stage will be set for the most cataclysmic confrontation in the history of the Valiant Universe!

Witness the ground-zero moment for the future of the Valiant Universe with a startling, self-contained prelude to HARBINGER WARS 2 – and the perfect introduction to all of Valiant’s biggest icons from one of the most acclaimed creative teams in comics today!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale MAY 2nd

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