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You Can No Longer Fly Your Ship in Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves was set up to be Microsoft’s big break as an Xbox exclusive property, however the game suffered with early impressions indicating a No Man’s Sky-esque problem with the game being far too directionless. However, it did come with some quirky bugs, like the ability to fly your ship through the air and get your inner Davy Jones on by piloting your very own Flying Dutchman. Okay, so mostly they just jumped out of the water while sinking, but it was still pretty darn fun. You can watch the phenomenon in action thanks to Twitch streamer KonzolvilagRicsi.

That will soon be changing thanks to the game’s latest update patch 1.0.5, which comes with a variety of bug fixes. Rare is continuing to prove their dedication to fixing problems with Sea of Thieves before delving into new content with the game’s May updates.

As detailed on a recent forum post, ships will no longer shoot up into the air when sinking, which is sad news for me, but a good thing for the game.

The update also changes the position of ammo crates on both the sloop and galleon, to make it easier to interact with the crates. In addition, you’ll no longer be able to spam people by playing the same shanty song multiple times in a row. Update 1.0.5 also brings some UI improvements and updates to how the clothing and vanity chests load during browsing.

For more on the new patch, check out the full patch notes here. For more on the game, you can find our review here.

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