Kratos ‘Boy’ Remix: God of War Song You Need Today

Posted by April 26, 2018 Comment

There are few things one can complain about (as far as visuals and audio goes) with the new Santa Monica Studio God of War release. In particular, Chris Judge voicing main character Kratos was a brilliant move, the actor’s rich deep baritone voice evoking emotion throughout the title.

One word in particular gets said a lot — and we mean A LOT — in the game. Yes, there’s a reason for this, the timber and tone often reflecting much more of the father-son bond between Kratos and young Atreus.

Importance aside, of COURSE someone has made a techno remix of all the times Kratos says “boy.” It’s pretty great:

There’s also the realization from IGN’s Alanah Pearce that maybe the title shouldn’t have been God of War, but Dad of Boy.

And, because we can’t get enough Kratos saying “boy”:

Bleeding Cool’s opinions on the title are split, most first play impressions were positive from a enjoyment standpoint. I myself gave it high marks for world building, the incredible score by Bear McCreary, and visual feast of Viking influences throughout.

God of War is currently available now from Sony PlayStation and is already rumored to be a sure-win for Game of the Year.

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