JJ Abrams Updates From Paramount’s Panel at CinemaCon- Cloverfield and More

Posted by April 25, 2018 Comment

Filmmaker JJ Abrams confirmed several things today during Paramount Pictures’ panel at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.  One of the big ones being that a ‘true Cloverfield sequel’ is on the way, but his World War II horror film Overlord is NOT that sequel.

Overlord is a horror tale set to the backdrop of D-day and is already a hard R rating, the first for Bad Robot. Abrams describes this as “batshit” and “not Cloverfield movie.”

He did however confirm that Bad Robot *is* working on a “true” Cloverfield sequel, but was hesitant to share any additional news.

There was some early footage for Overlord shown, which apparently looks like Nazi experimentation and creating zombies. Footage included a shot of a woman’s head with just a spine below it screaming and crying out for help, sort of cementing the horror element of the film.

Twitter is immediately calling this Inglorious Basterds meets Reanimator, sounds like it’ll be a good year for horror.

Our previous report of ‘multiple Star Trek scripts‘ being in the works is accurate, as it was confirmed that Paramount is actively developing two more Star Trek films. No word yet on who’s officially hemling those, or if they’ll continue the existing Kelvin timeline, but we’ll keep you updated.

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