5 Amazing Movies That You Probably Missed in 2018

For a few years leading up to the 2018 release schedule, there was some speculation that this could be the year the entire blockbuster system collapses in on itself. While winning the weekend is still priority number one for most studios the real profit from a movie comes when it has legs or when it […]

Overlord Review: A Bloody Good Time with Nazi Zombies

Overlord is a bloody good time at the movies and a perfect blend of war drama with horror. Director: Julius Avery Summary: On the eve of D-Day, American paratroopers drop behind enemy lines to carry out a crucial mission. But there’s more happening in this Nazi-occupied village beyond a simple military operation. The American team […]

Overlord Gets 4 New Posters and a New Image

Overlord is looking to be one of those movies that no one really knows is coming out but whenever the trailer or marketing come on they start paying attention. It’s the latest from J.J. Abrams and his production team. It looks pretty insane and could basically be described as a zombie World War II moviue. […]

Overlord Gets a Bloody New Poster

The World War II era supernatural thriller Overlord got a new poster and it’s a bloody good one. Revealed over the course of several pictures on instagram the poster shows blood splattered as planes and men parachuting to what we can only assume is their doom. According to Syfy if you click the right image […]

World War II Era Supernatural Thriller Overlord Gets a New Poster

There’s a pretty good chance you haven’t heard of Overlord. It’s a movie by Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures, which means that J.J. Abrams is producing. We only know the bare bones of this one which can be described as “Nazi zombies” and go from there. Paramount has released a new poster for the movie, […]

Star Wars

JJ Abrams Updates From Paramount’s Panel at CinemaCon- Cloverfield and More

Filmmaker JJ Abrams confirmed several things today during Paramount Pictures’ panel at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.  One of the big ones being that a ‘true Cloverfield sequel’ is on the way, but his World War II horror film Overlord is NOT that sequel. Overlord is a horror tale set to the backdrop of D-day and is already a […]

Overlord Fellowship Of Evil Gets You Ready For Co-Op Nefarious Doings

I can’t say from what I’ve seen, that Overlord Fellowship of Evil is looking all that enticing. The four player co-op game is a radical departure from what we expect from the Overlord series, which has rubbed some fans the wrong way. Having said that, I’m completely willing to be won over. The writing and […]

Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Is A Four Player Co-Op Revival Of Series

The Overlord franchise always sounded like a great idea that never quite came together as well as it should. It charged you with playing as the Overlord of all evil as you tried to rid the world of niceness. It’s been quiet for several years now though. The series is coming back finally in the […]