Ronda Rousey to Face Mickie James on WWE European Tour

It looks like recently debuted WWE star Ronda Rousey will be working with one of WWE’s most experienced veterans for her next match. PWInsider has reported the card for an upcoming WWE house show in Paris, showing Rousey will face six-time champion Mickie James in a match on May 19th. Rousey benefitted from working with veterans like Kurt Angle, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon in her debut match at WrestleMania, and showed herself to be a natural in the ring as well.

The company is rumored to have plans to pit Rousey against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania next year in what could be the Historic First WrestleMania Women’s Main Event (TM), if you put much stock in such long-term rumors. Having Rousey work with veterans like James seems like a good idea in that case, as is a Rousey’s team-up and, eventually, likely feud with another of WWE’s most skilled veterans, Natalya, the seeds of which have already been sown on Monday Night Raw.

Natalya also reportedly helped train Rousey in secret before her debut at the Royal Rumble in January, Rousey revealed on Instagram last week.

Side note: did you know that in France, they call the Royal Rumble a Rumble Royale with Cheese? Okay, okay, that joke stunk so bad, if it were cheese, the French would probably try to eat it. In any case, it looks like WWE fans in Paris will be treated to seeing Ronda Rousey and Mickie James compete in one-on-one action in May.

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