Post Production on ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ is Done, Tweets Ron Howard

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The upcoming stand alone film Solo: A Star Wars Story has officially wrapped post production, director Ron Howard tweeted.

He’s been in residence at the famed Skywalker Ranch, doing final edits and sound mixing for the Star Wars feature about the young scruffy looking nerf herder smuggler who helped save a galaxy.  Twice.

Howard tweeted:

“That’s a wrap on post production! Wow. What a movie-making adventure it’s been! Thanks to a terrific cast & extraordinary folks behind the camera as well. You’ve worked so hard to fully realize this cool story. Hope fans have a blast!


The film of course has had a rocky flight from start til now- the original writer director team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller being fired by LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy over what was cited as “creative differences”. Howard was brought on to take over and complete the picture.

Back on the 20th, Howard had tweeted that the final sound mix was done, and a bonus image revealed that his brother Clint Howard really was going to be in the film after several weeks of tweets begged to know.

final sound mix, – proof that fans have something to look forward to

Here’s hoping Ron is correct in calling Solo: A Star Wars Story a ‘cool story’.  The world will find out when it opens on May 25th 2018.

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