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Dark Tower

Ron Howard Says ‘The Dark Tower’ Film “Should Have Been Horror”

The Dark Tower, a rare Stephen King-adapted misfire, was shunned by critics and audiences alike upon its theatrical release in 2017 and producer Ron Howard has some ideas to why. While promoting his latest documentary Pavarotti, Howard spoke to MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast about the changes made in the film adaptation from King’s popular […]

‘Peanuts in Space’ Apollo 10 Documentary Greenlit for Apple TV

The world of Peanuts was never short on imagination, and in the upcoming “documentary” Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10 we get an answer to the question: “Was Snoopy a world famous, top-secret astronaut?” Peanuts in Space from Mogan Neville, Imagine Documentaries and Peanuts Worldwide, LLC collaborated on what Deadline Hollywood describes as “a documentary […]

’68 Whiskey’: Ron Howard Directing Dark Military Comedy Pilot for Paramount Network

With a premise that feels like a mash-up between Stanley Kubrick‘s Full Metal Jacket and sitcom M*A*S*H, Paramount Network has given a pilot order to dark military dark comedy series 68 Whiskey (working title). Adapted from the Israeli television series Charlie Golf One, the project stems from Academy Award winner Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s […]

We May Still Get a Willow Sequel, Ron Howard Says

It’s not uncommon for filmmakers to be asked about previous work (and upcoming projects) when doing press junkets for current releases, as made apparent by some questions Ron Howard was asked during the Solo: A Star Wars Story media day. Specifically, a question was asked about a not-so-much-beloved-classic 1988 film Willow. The high fantasy film was directed by Howard, […]

Harrison Ford Adorably Interrupts Alden Ehrenreich Solo Interview

Solo: A Star Wars Story has already had its world premiere and at least one big press day, but that doesn’t mean the solo Solo star Alden Ehrenreich is done with interviews for it just yet. In a now-deleted tweet from Entertainment Tonight, a video clip shows Alden being interrupted during an interview by the original Han […]

Mark Hamill, Rian Johnson, and More Review Solo: A Star Wars Story

Yes, we’re a little late writing up the reaction roundup from the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but in our defense it was because of the tv cancellations. So two nights ago, with the Millennium Falcon parked just outside the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, the second stand-alone Star Wars film premiered to a […]

It’s Bluths for the Win in New Arrested Development Season 5 Promo

With Netflix‘s Arrested Development “scorched-earthing” its way back into our lives with a fifth season later this month, The Bluths are using the occasion to make their pitch for Family of the Year. Considering that the “award” is sponsored by The Austero-Bluth Company, it’s pretty safe to say that they have it on lock. But […]

[#MayThe4th] Solo: A Star Wars Story Tickets On Sale At Midnight EST

Just in time to celebrate Star Wars day, tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story are going to be available at Midnight (EST)/ 9pm PST. We’ve done a lot of talking about what we think Solo is going to be like- good, bad, indifferent. But it’s worth mentioning that the early days of the galaxy’s most (in)famous smuggler […]

Ron Howard, R2-D2 and Chewbacca Get in on the NFL Draft

During the NFL draft this morning, when it was time for the San Francisco 49ers to select their pick in the 4th round, the network threw to Ron Howard at Lucas Films in Northern California. Howard of course is the director of the upcoming Solo film and he is standing by a Yoda fountain when […]

Post Production on ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ is Done, Tweets Ron Howard

The upcoming stand alone film Solo: A Star Wars Story has officially wrapped post production, director Ron Howard tweeted. He’s been in residence at the famed Skywalker Ranch, doing final edits and sound mixing for the Star Wars feature about the young scruffy looking nerf herder smuggler who helped save a galaxy.  Twice. Howard tweeted: “That’s a wrap on […]

Ron Howard Tweets ‘Solo’ Progress from Skywalker Ranch

Director Ron Howard is currently in residence at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, utilizing the sound editing and VFX facilities to put the finishing touches on a little film in the Star Wars galaxy called Solo: A Star Wars Story. #Solo #SkywalkerRanch we are well into final sound mix. A little ahead of schedule and feelin’ good. […]

solo lobby display

Star Wars Releases First Look at ‘Solo’ Lobby Display

The Han Solo solo movie is mere months away from hyper-spacing into theaters, and it looks like Disney is finally getting on the media push. The official Star Wars Twitter account just released a short time-lapse video showing the construction of a familiar spaceship cockpit out of cardboard, featuring a chair and some notable personalities surrounding […]

solo: a star wars story

Not Surprising- We May Get A Han Solo Solo Movie Super Bowl Trailer

The upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story is a mystery, still, with only four months til it releases in theaters.  This is probably the strangest non-advertising campaign that Disney has done yet, the fact that the only OFFICIAL thing we’ve seen for the LucasFilm standalone title is the simple text lobby poster. An example- by this […]