Will Liam Sharp Join Grant Morrison on Green Lantern? DC Fresh Start…

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran the well-sourced rumour that Grant Morrison will be the new writer on Green Lantern as part of what we are dubbing the DC Fresh Start.

The question was asked, will DC Comics be re-teaming Grant Morrison with longtime Lantern artist on Hal Jordan, Ethan Van Sciver, who previously worked together on New X-Men?

No, I am told that ship has sailed for DC.

Instead I am told by another good source that working with Morrison on a new Green Lantern comic will be Liam Sharp, who recently revived Wonder Woman for DC Rebirth and then wrote and drew the Brave And The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman series currently being published. And he recently co-drew an issue of Hal Jordan with Ethan Van Sciver, taking a few pages in a deadline crunch.

Or was it an audition?

Liam’s work often delves into the fantastical sword-and-sorcery genre; it might be fun to consider where he would go with Green Lantern. Whichever one of the ringbearers it will feature…

Liam Sharp

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