50 vs. 50 Will Be Returning to Fortnite For a Limited Time

Prepare yourself for the absolute insanity of a massive team fighting against another massive team, as Epic Games have brought back the popular 50 vs. 50 mode back to Fortnite for a limited time. The news came down today along with a trailer to hype the event, which you can watch below. Starting today the game mode will be available to all players as you can join in and be randomly placed on one of two teams with 49 of your frenemies that you’ve most likely killed or been killed by to face off against another 50 on the other side. First team to completely eliminate the other side wins, no matter how many are left.

The mode comes with the latest 3.5 update that went into effect today, bringing with it the light machine gun, the Mercury LMG (it shoots lightning), and Cyberpunk Heroes costumes. You can read the full list of updates for the game below.

credit//Epic Games



  • From Thursday, April 19 until Sunday, April 22 players will receive the following:
    • 2x experience when playing Battle Royale.
  • An Into the Storm Llama each day in Save the World.
    • Remember to log in to claim your Llama on each of these days to collect all four.
  • Resiliency improvements to help prevent extended downtime.
  • Fix for a high-frequency crash on Xbox One


  • Peeking is being reverted back to how it functioned prior to v3.5.
    • This should solve the issue causing players to accidentally shoot their own structures while trying to peek. More info here.


  • Gifts of appreciation to our community for your patience during our unexpected downtime on 4/12 – Part 2:
    • Battle Royale – 20 Battle Pass Stars
    • Save the World – 1600 Seasonal Gold


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