8 Circuit Studios is Joining the Blockchain Gaming Industry

8 Circuit Studios, which is comprised of industry veterans formerly at Nintendo, Microsoft and EA, is attempting to create an efficient cryptocurrency ecosystem to benefit gamers, developers, and publishers alike. One of their goals includes the creation of a metaverse.

By using the Ethereum blockchain, 8 Circuit Studios is able to create, attribute and safeguard digital assets that you can own and store along with your cryptocurrency, in a virtual wallet. By developing Smart Game Objects, 8 Circuit Studios is building the foundation to eliminate the barriers between game worlds. Players can truly own their Smart Game Objects, while game developers and publishers will unlock new, exciting (and profitable) methods to develop even more highly immersive games.

 To better illustrate Smart Game Objects and showcase the Ethereum blockchain’s real-world use as it relates to video games, 8 Circuit Studios is developing two games: Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain, an alien collectible-focused mobile title releasing in Spring 2018, and the self-aware A.I. focused D-PARC, releasing in 2019.

8 Circuit is not the only studio looking to utilize blockchain in gaming, nor are they the first to try and create a “metaverse” of characters and items transferable between games properties based on blockchain IDs. However, the fact that Circuit 8 is staffed by former Nintendo, Microsoft, and EA devs deos give them a leg up on the legitimacy scale. With that kind of expertise, there’s definitely going to be some interest, but at this point, blockchain gaming just seems like the latest fad to hit the games industry, and not the innovation tool most proponents believe it can be. Perhaps 8 Circuit can fix that, but we’re pretty skeptical.

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