Getting a Taste of Co-Op Puzzling Again with Pode

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We, unfortunately, didn’t get to book much of anything with Nintendo this time around at PAX East inside their booth. The one appointment we were able to secure was with inside developer Henchman & Goon who wanted to show off their game Pode on the Nintendo Switch. The game revolves around a co-op system where two players have to work together using the abilities of the characters they control in order to solve puzzles and bring the world to life. One character is blue and black and works more as a heavy stone, while the other player is golden and yellow like a sun and works more like a lightweight jumper. Each has their strengths and weaknesses which they’ll use in tandem to make wonderous things happen.

credit//Henchman & Goon

I got paired up with a random player in the booth as we explored the demo and sought out new challenges for us to conquer, all while our different energies added something new to the world around us and ultimately affected the puzzles in different ways. Pode is expected to be released on the console sometime this spring, but the company wasn’t able to give us a target date just yet. I became an instant fan of the game and look forward to reviewing it if we receive a copy.

credit//Henchman & Goon
credit//Henchman & Goon
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