A Detective With A Heart of Gin and Regret in Disco Elysium

There are times when you come across a game where it looks like the designers did all the right things and then somehow threw a sack of dirt on everything to make you feel grimy playing it. That’s how we felt picking up the demo for Disco Elysium from Humble Bundle at PAX East. The game literally started us off as a drunken cop, lying naked on a hotel room floor with his memory gone of how he even bothered getting there, let alone doing the job he was supposed to do. The job? Taking down the body of someone who apparently hung themselves, but like all detective cases, you don’t entirely believe that to be true.

credit//Humble Bundle

The game plays out like a text RPG in many ways, as the decisions you make about speech affect how people respond to you. There was a point in the game where I basically flipped off the manager and ran out the door, barreling over a woman in a wheelchair. Not the greatest of social graces, but the fact that I have the option to be a “fuck this” kind of person in the middle of what is essentially an RPG mystery made me happy to no end. Currently, the game has no release date attached to it, but this is one I will be anticipating for months to come.

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