Disco Elysium

The "Disco Elysium" Soundtrack Is Finally Available

The “Disco Elysium” Soundtrack Is Finally Available

For those of you who have been digging the music to Disco Elysium, good news, the soundtrack is finally available for you to purchase. ZA/UM made the announcement on Twitter, revealing a 28-track album composed by British Sea Power, available in MP3 320 kbps format on Steam. As of right now, the entire Disco Elysium […]

The Game Awards Announce Their 2019 Nominees

This morning, The Game Awards officially released its list of nominees for the 2019 awards ceremony, with a number of obvious names leading the pack. The current list of games leading the pack in nominations are Control, Death Stranding, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Resident Evil 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and The Outer Worlds. Other […]

"Disco Elysium" is Leaping From PC to Consoles in 2020

“Disco Elysium” is Leaping From PC to Consoles in 2020

Disco Elysium, the slightly bizarre open-world RPG from developer ZA/UM, is making the leap from PC to consoles next year. Looks like you won’t have much of a reason to skip it now, thanks to that convenient move it’s making. In Disco Elysium, you play as a detective who can either become a hero or […]

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases For October 15-21, 2019

October is just exploding with new video game releases nearly every day this year, it’s becoming a pain to try and keep up with everything that’s out. But we’ve tried our best. Here’s a full list of all the video game releases out this week, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! October […]

A Detective With A Heart of Gin and Regret in Disco Elysium

There are times when you come across a game where it looks like the designers did all the right things and then somehow threw a sack of dirt on everything to make you feel grimy playing it. That’s how we felt picking up the demo for Disco Elysium from Humble Bundle at PAX East. The […]