Hayley Atwell is Open to Returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

There are a lot of breakout characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe but out of all of them Peggy Carter might the one with the most potential. She was already one of the more interesting love interests but then she got her own television spin-off that was tragically canceled after only two seasons. The character is technically dead in the current timeline that hasn’t deterred star Hayley Atwell from being more than open to returning to the role. In a new interview with Parade Atwell talked about how anything could happen and she would be up for it.

Because it’s a genre-specific superhero piece, I’m sure anything could happen. It’s such a huge world. I do think there’s something in the completion of the fact that they’re doing their back-to-back Avengers at the moment, which will complete an era, so I can’t see how that would be. But that’s what’s remarkable about Marvel is they keep going. Each film tends to further what they’re doing, so I wouldn’t rule it out.

Peggy became something of a role model for young women with her lines “I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.” When asked if being a role model was the best part of being Peggy Atwell said that Peggy was a role model before she stepped in and made the role her own.

I don’t set out to choose characters that are role models. The current character I’m playing at the moment [in Dry Powder onstage in London] is a sociopath and a narcissist. She’s a brilliant mathematician and I absolutely adore playing her. She’s unapologetic and ruthless. I think my job as an actor is just to be a custodian to a character, to present a character rather than educate an audience and go, “This is what you should think or feel.” It just so happened that that was the part that I got with Peggy Carter, the script that they created for me, and I inhabited it based on what I felt the script was asking me to do.

We have no idea what the Marvel universe is going to look like post-Avengers 4 and now that Disney is starting their own streaming service now might be a good time to bring back to the cast of Agent Carter for a third season. It did end on a cliffhanger and there are still decades of the Marvel Cinematic Universe left unexplored.

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