Jimmy Palmiotti Calls on Comic Book Movie and TV Stars to Give Back to Comics with #ILOVECOMICS Hashtag

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Superstar comic book creator Jimmy Palmiotti has an idea about how everyone who profits from the characters and stories created in comics that are used in the much more lucrative fields of film and television can give back to the medium. Taking to Twitter, Palmiotti asked comic book movie and TV stars, as well as producers and other behind-the-scenes people, to spend the week calling attention to the source material that fuels their success.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, as drawn by Darwyn Cooke

Palmiotti pointed out that the wild success of comics book properties in Hollywood hasn’t necessarily lead to more comic book readers, but he has an idea for how that could change. Palmiotti asked for film and TV peeps to take a photo of themselves holding an honest-to-goodness comic book and share it with their followers on social media with the #ILOVECOMICS hashtag.

Will it work? We won’t know until someone tries it. Anyone famous reading this? Check out Jimmy Palmiotti’s tweets below:

Palmiotti then asked:

Does a clickbait article count?

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