C2E2 Debut: Sex-Positive Gay Supervillainry in ‘Super Creeps’ by Dale Lazarov and Bo Revel

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Sticky Graphic Novels publisher Dale Lazarov is debuting a new book at C2E2 this weekend: Super Creeps, by Lazarov and artist Bo Revel. The book, one of Lazarov’s patented wordless, sex-positive graphic novels, is about a gang of criminals whose bank-robbing escapades are interrupted by a romance amongst two of the team members.

Lazarov provides details on how to get your hands on Super Creeps, and how to get your hands on something else too: Lazarov’s beard!

Dale Lazarov and Sticky Graphic Novels are in Booth D6 in Artists’ Alley from Friday through Sunday! Come by and buy SUPER CREEPS!, a C2E2 debut graphic novel in hardcover! If you buy four hardcovers, YOU MAY TOUCH DALE LAZAROV’S BEARD.

Talk about a retailer incentive! How can you say no to that?!

Stop by booth D6 in Artists Alley, or head to http://www.stickygraphicnovels.com/. Check out a preview of Super Creeps below.

SUPER CREEPS! by Dale Lazarov & Bo Revel

64 PAGES — Hardcover – $30.00

“Inventive, evocative, bold and playful…SUPER CREEPS! is fast-paced, sex-positive, and confident in its wordless presentation, inviting you to enjoy a genre story of love and lust and infuse it with your own added feelings of adventures past, imagined or upcoming.” — Steve Orlando, writer of Midnighter and Apollo, Supergirland Justice League of America

A crew of super-villains comes together to relieve a series of banks of their bank vaults. Everything goes to masterplan…except that the hired muscle of the team — a sharp-shooting leather daddy musclebear and the swordmaster of a weapon haunted by jing líng — start hooking up on the down low.

Will fucking a partner in crime interfere with their larceny? Will the love of a bad hombre change them for good? Such sexual banditry has to be seen to be believed! All this man-on-man action and more in…SUPER CREEPS!

Script and art direction by Dale Lazarov, Linework and colors by Bo Revel.

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