Dan DiDio Expects Lobo’s Daughter Crush to Break Out on Her Own

Posted by April 5, 2018 Comment

At the Diamond Retail Summit today, taking place in Chicago ahead of C2E2, DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio had plenty to say. He spoke about upcoming DC Comic books, what was launching, what was selling what was being delayed, that kind of thing. But he also had time to mention that he thought Lobo’s newly introduced daughter, Crush, will be the breakout book of the new New Titans series as it transforms from Teen Titans.

The team, led by Damian Wayne, will include the daughter of the Penultimate Czarian. And, if DiDio’s keenness can be translated — and I think it can — we could possibly see a Crush series by Christmas. Cue lots of jokes about Dan DiDio having a crush, and the like…

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