Amazon and ComiXology Marvel’s Collections?

In recent weeks, Bleeding Cool has covered the propensity for Marvel Comics to offer brand-new collections on ComiXology for inexpensive prices. And how, in some cases, Amazon has followed suit. This came to a head this week with a brand-new original graphic novel hardcover by Jim Starlin and Alan Davis, Thanos: Infinity Siblings, here before comic stores even had a chance to open their doors.

It was the first question asked of Marvel Comics at the Diamond Retailer Summit held in Chicago today — and apparently, it’s a mystery to Marvel as well.

New Marvel EIC C.B. Cebulski said that they sell comics to ComiXology and to comic book stores through Diamond for the same price, but that ComiXology is selling them at a loss.

He said that this wasn’t a Marvel issue but an Amazon or ComiXology issue, and that Marvel SVP David Gabriel and new Publisher John Nee are in talks to try to change things.

I’ll ask ComiXology and see what they say.


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