Bandai Namco Show Off Geralt’s Moves in SoulCalibur VI

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Last week we got the fun surprise that Geralt from The Witcher would be joining the cast of SoulCalibur VI, and now this week we get a bonus as Bandai Namco and CD Projekt Red have come together to show off his moves. Several of The Witcher‘s team take a moment out of their busy schedule for the video which takes you through the powers, abilities, moves, and thinking of the character as he is placed within the SoulCalibur universe. Surprisingly, he looks right at home, but they’ve also kind of made him a wizard. He can cast spells that will render his opponents harmless as he comes in for decisive blows.

credit//Bandai Namco

They go to great lengths to make sure you know how absolutely serious they are about bringing this amazing hero from one game to another. It’s not the first crossover in SoulCalibur history, need we, nay, must we forget the inclusions of Spawn and Yoda that made little sense at the time. At least this character feels more like a traditional fighter and less like a sideshow attraction thrown in for a few extra buys. Check out the amazing gameplay as he looks to be a character that will change a lot of other people’s strategies up.

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