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New "SoulCalibur VI" Trailer Highlights Haohmaru From "Samurai Shodown"

New “SoulCalibur VI” Trailer Highlights Haohmaru From “Samurai Shodown”

Bandai Namco has released a new character trailer for SoulCalibur VI in Japan, showing off Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown. The trailer shows him in action against Heishiro Mitsurugi, as the two samurai clash in one of the best showdowns gamers probably wanted for years. We see several of his moves from his game come to […]

"Duelyst" Servers Will Be Shut Down At The End Of February 2020

“Duelyst” Servers Will Be Shut Down At The End Of February 2020

Counterplay Games has announced this week that the servers for the PvP strategy game Duelyst will be shut down on February 27th, 2020. No specific reason was given for the closure by either Counterplay or the publisher, Bandai Namco. But more than likely it probably stems from lack of popularity and/or activity with the game […]

Power Up With "Pac-Man" Tamagotchi, Out This March

Power Up With “Pac-Man” Tamagotchi, Out This March

If you collect Tamagotchi, you might want to keep your eye out for the next batch around the corner. Bandai debuted a new Pac-Man Tamagotchi series that’ll have the inner retro gaming collector in you jumping for joy. The Tamagotchi collection comes in two different shells: one back with a classic Pac-Man print, and a […]

Slaying My Backlog: Splatterhouse (2010)

Slaying My Backlog: Splatterhouse (2010)

Splatterhouse – er, the remake. I once picked it up ultra-cheap during one of Amazon’s year-end sales, along with Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, and I never really finished it at the time. The general consensus at the time was that, well, it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t expect it to be. I expected it to […]

Bandai Namco Announces “Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions’

Bandai Namco has announced this morning a new entry into the Captain Tsubasa series, game Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions. Based on the works of Yoichi Takahashi, the game chronicles the athletic adventures and mishaps of Tsubasa Ozora. As well as the team he plays for and the success they have under his leadership. […]

Another Version of Goku Is Coming To "Dragon Ball FighterZ"

Another Version Of Goku Is Coming To “Dragon Ball FighterZ”

Bandai Namco will apparently be releasing another DLC character into Dragon Ball FighterZ, and this one is yet another version of Goku. According to Ryokutya2089, the next incarnation to make its way into the game will be the Ultra Instinct version of Goku, complete with the silver hair and a new set of moves based […]

"Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot" Has A Missing Feature In The Collector's Edition

“Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” Has A Missing Feature In The Collector’s Edition

If you’re looking to purchase the Collector’s Edition of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you might want to know that there’s one feature not included. DBZ fans have been patiently looking on at this new RPG title feature every saga in the Z series. And Bandai Namco, not wanting to miss an opportunity to make them […]

“Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission” Receives Fifth Update

Those of you who have been waiting for a new update to come to Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission don’t need to wait any longer. Bandai Namco released the update this week, and while it’s been a minute since we got one, there isn’t a lot to this one. The first addition is 17 […]

New "Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot" Trailer Channels the Classic Dub

New “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” Trailer Channels the Classic Dub

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is looking especially good in its latest trailer, which feels a lot like one of the classic dub “recap” moments. If you remember spending all your time obsessing over Dragon Ball Z during middle school and writing fanfics about being Vegeta’s girlfriend, you’re going to want to check this game out […]

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“One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4” Receives Several Character Trailers

Bandai Namco released several trailers this week in Japan for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, showing off multiple characters in the process. We got six trailers in total, each of them highlighting one specific character. The six people are: Brook, Smoker, Tashigi, Nico Robin, Frankie, and Tony Tony Chopper. Each one giving you a proper […]

Bandai Namco To Reveal New "Idolmaster" Game In January

Bandai Namco To Reveal New “The Idolmaster” Game In January

it looks like Bandai Namco is taking full advantage of the 15th Anniversary of The Idolmaster with the announcement of a new game. The company has revealed that they will be announcing a new game in the series, on a livestream, happening on January 20th, 2020. There’s no real details beyond that as they’re saving […]

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New “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” Released From Jump Festa

Dring Jump Festa this weekend, Bandai Namco dropped new footage onto the fans as we got to see some content from Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. The videos, which are all in Japanese, have been leaked on YouTube. The first one being a brand new trailer that shows off more storylines from the series being featured […]

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" DLC Ultra Pack 2 Releases December 12th

“Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” DLC Ultra Pack 2 Releases December 12th

The next DLC pack for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is coming on Thursday, and with it, comes a number of new additions to enhance the game. We have all the additions below, but the big parts of this are the inclusion of Android 21 and Majuub. Not to mention a ton of parallel quests that […]

"Tekken 7" Receives A New Track From Leroy Smith

“Tekken 7” Receives A New Track From Leroy Smith

Probably one of the weirdest things Bandai Namco could have released this week for Tekken 7 is a brand new track from Leroy Smith. The man has released a new hip-hop track showing off his mad skills both in combat and on the mic. If you’re not familiar with the character, he learned how to […]

"Tekken 7" Announces Fahkumram & Ganryu For Season Three DLC

“Tekken 7” Announces Fahkumram & Ganryu For Season Three DLC

During the Tekken World Finals, we got two more character reveals for the Tekken 7 Season Three pass, as we’re getting one familiar name and one new entry. Back in August, Bandai Namco revealed we’d be getting two more, but failed to really talk about who might be coming in. Now we know that we’re […]

"Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris" Gets A New Trailer At Gamescom

“Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris” Being Planned For May 2020

Bandai Namco released a new trailer this week for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, revealing when the game will finally be coming out. Well, kinda. We got a release window of May 2020, but to be fair, that’s more than we got from them before. The game is the first from Bandai Namco to take […]

A New "Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot" Video Shows A Systems Overview

A New “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” Video Shows A Systems Overview

A new video from Bandai Namco for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot gives us a much better overview look at the systems you’ll be utilizing in the game. A lot of what you’re seeing in the video is in Japanese because they didn’t release an English version of this trailer yet. But we get about as […]

"Dragon Ball FighterZ" Releases A Brand New Broly Trailer

Broly Will Be Headed To “Dragon Ball FighterZ” Next Week

Broly has been teased for several weeks from Bandi Namco as the next addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ, but they didn’t give us a release date. That finally changed this week, but not in the way we expected. The news was kind of leaked already, as reported by Silicon Era, the date was revealed in […]

"SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays" Gets A Launch Trailer

“SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays” Gets A Launch Trailer

This week, Bandai Namco released a brand new launch trailer to celebrate the launch of SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays. This is the crossover event to end all crossovers in the Mobile Suit Gundam universe at the moment as several characters from multiple titles collide. Enjoy the trailer as you can pick up the […]

"Man of Medan" Now Lets You Enlist a Friend to Watch You Scream For Free

“Man of Medan” Now Lets You Enlist a Friend to Watch You Scream For Free

Supermassive Games’ latest cinematic horror adventure Man of Medan now lets you enjoy the story with friends, even if they don’t have a copy. The new Friends’ Pass lets you share the game with others for a limited time. When it arrives, everyone who buys the game before January 6 will get a complimentary pass. […]