Ubisoft Releases Details for the First Season of Steep

Ubisoft Releases Details for the First Season of Steep

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Ubisoft just released a new Season 1 trailer as well as details for their upcoming content additions to Steep, which the first set of events will run from the beginning of April until the end of June. We have the complete details and the video below, but it looks like the company is taking the same approach to the game as they have some of their other titles by planning good events that will bring people back on a regular basis.

Looking for your next achievement in Steep? Then we have good news – as from April 2018, we will start implementing our brand-new LIVE ACTIVITIES SEASONS system! Every 3 months, you will have the opportunity to win an EPIC and EXCLUSIVE EQUIPMENT SET by taking on various temporary challenges. For each challenge you will achieve, we will grant you a different piece of equipment – up to you to fulfill them all or only pick the ones you want.

SEASON 1 – 3 months will feature:

  • 3 Tournaments – with a very similar structure to previous Steep World Tour’s (Qualifiers > Competition > Final).
  • 3 Steps challenges – The higher you score, the bigger you’re rewarded.
  • 3 Completion challenges – that may take quite some time to achieve (but will highly reward you for that).

SEASON 1 will last from April 1st to June 29th. More details on its specific content to come soon.

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