Kaet Must Die is Destined to be a Popular Twitch Game

Kaet Must Die is Destined to Be a Popular Twitch Game

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Strength in Numbers’ indie horror puzzle game Kaet Must Die is just difficult and jump scare-infested enough to be a shoe-in for Twitch fame. Every single thing you do wrong in Kaet Must Die will end in, you guessed it, instant death. The game concept is a pretty simple one. You play as the titular psionic punk Kaet, who wakes up in a “dank sewer” after awakening her psionic powers. You’ve got to survive the many dangers of the sewer, solve some occult puzzles, and dodge the psychopathic Anna to make it out alive.

But you won’t.

You are absolutely going to die, quite possibly very, very early in the game. Its a trial and error game where you’re constantly learning and reacting to the environment, because Kaet doesn’t have any form of defense against the zombies, sewer creatures, and blood witch Annalinnia.

Because the game is a horror puzzler with a pretty high initial difficulty (challenging is the game’s version of ‘easy mode’ and it is far from easy), alongside some major jump scares, it makes it a great vehicle for Twitch streamers. After all, people love to watch streamers play horror games. Watching other people get scared is super enjoyable, after all. Now, the jump scares aren’t the only scary parts of the game, as the atmosphere, graffiti, and scattered notes are all perfectly capable of scaring your pants off. They’re just harder to capture in a soundbite.

And to prove I’m absolutely right, Strength in Numbers released a new trailer for the game a bit ahead of GDC which collected some pretty hilarious moments from various streams of the game.

Kaet Must Die will release on April 5th on Steam, but the first 10 levels are available for demo. If you dare.

The “Scares” trailer is below for your viewing pleasure.

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