David Tennant Reacts to Fans Reacting to David Tennant in Bad Samaritan Trailer During Legion M Wondercon Panel

It’s an ouroboros of David Tennant reactions!

At the Legion M panel at Wondercon this weekend, producer Dean Devlin revealed a video of David Tennant reacting to fans reacting to him appearing in the trailer for Bad Samaritan, in which he plays villain Cale Erendreich. Check it out:

Legion M is an entertainment company that’s funded by equity crowdfunding, which means the company is owned by fans, with more than 7,000 fan owners so far raising $3 million. At the panel, co-founder Paul Scanlan, COO Terri Lubaroff, and head of development David Baxter revealed three more upcoming projects:

What else happened at the Legion M panel? Conveniently, Legion M sent out a recap themselves, which you can read below:

Airship Cowboys” by Adam Beason and Jed Rigney (Half-hour animated comedy series):
Archer meets Blazing Saddles. The incredible and bizarre – and possibly true – adventures of a 19th century aircraft and its misfit crew as they travel the United States and the Old West on a government mission of diplomacy and butt kicking.

Evermor” by Perry Covington and Erik Figi (One-hour sci-fi fantasy Steampunk series)
Orphaned teenage twins, Ellie and Sam, discover a wondrous machine, the Forevertron, which allows them to journey through the multiverse and the almost alien alternate Earths within—finding danger, love, family, and the limitless potential of the human adventure.

Malice” by Evan Wasserstrom (One-hour drama series)
Imagine a world where Romeo and Juliet didn’t die, and the Montagues and Capulets are the most dangerous of in-laws. Is Philadelphia really the city of brotherly love?

More details on all three series will be coming soon.

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