CD Projekt Red Working On AAA RPG Set to Release By 2021 (And it's Not Cyberpunk 2077)

CD Projekt Red Working On AAA RPG Set to Release By 2021 (And it’s Not Cyberpunk 2077)

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CD Projekt Red has said that it is planning on release an unannounced AAA RPG game by 2021. That project is not Cyberpunk 2077 either.

Cyberpunk 2077

Ever since The Witcher 3 wrapped up its content plans (and to be fair a little while before that too), most of the eyes on developer CD Projekt Red have been eager for Cyberpunk 2077. Unless you have a real hankering for Gwent, the gaming community has been clamouring for information about the studio’s next big RPG. While it seems increasingly likely we will see that game at this E3, it seems there is even more to be excited about on the horizon for the studio.

In their management board report (via resetera), the developer made reference to both Cyberpunk 2077 as well as a new project too. In the report it makes reference to the other game calling it ‘another triple-A story-driven RPG. The exact wording says:

Among the goals set for the CD PROJEKT RED segment in the 2017-2021 timeframe, the following
are particularly notable:
release of Cyberpunk 2077,
release of another triple-A story-driven RPG

To fascilitate this, it seems the company is looking to double its production efforts with new studios, one of which has already opened seemingly. The timeline on this seems pretty tight too, so it does make one wonder how close Cyberpunk 2077 is. In a four year period, releasing two games, especially titles of the size the developer is known for seems ambitious. Perhaps Cyberpunk 2077 is coming much sooner than we might think. Also, what is this other RPG, and is it going to be a sooner than expected return to The Witcher series? It seems CD Projekt Red is making big moves at the moment, and it certainly is exciting to see.

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