PUBG is Getting Fortnite-Like Events That Will Consistently Change

PUBG is Getting Fortnite-Like Events That Will Consistently Change

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PUBG Corp. has announced that it will be running special events in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, changing the game and adding new modifications to the classic play.

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Fortnite famously, and rather openly, cribbed notes from PUBG when it came out with its Battle Royale offshoot. Fast forward a few short months later and that game is now the biggest thing in the world. The title is breaking into the mainstream in a massive way, becoming a true entertainment phenomenon in a relatively short space of time. One thing the game did help popularise in the genre on its own, though, was the introduction of event spinoffs of the main game, with things like 20 v 20 and Blitz modes.

Well, it seems like it’s now PUBG’s turn to take a little something from the Fortnite formula. In a Steam post, the developer announced that it would be adding in its own Event style modes. These will change periodically to offer variety over time, but the first mode has already been outlined. Saying they are planning to keep the first event easy to understand, the squad number will be increased to eight and rifle drops will be doubled. The post seems to imply that in the future, however, things will be a little more extreme.

I’m very curious about this. The potential is huge, and all the various modes could be really refreshing to the experience. These types of modified modes have been available in custom games if you could find them, but it’s nice they are now getting centralised. Here’s hoping we see some really silly stuff come out of this.

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