Controlling the Finesse: We Review the Lexip 3DM-Pro Gaming Mouse

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When it comes to gaming mice there are a lot of customization options you can get depending on what company you go through, but very few companies bother to incorporate two specific oddball concepts and slap them together. Enter Lexip, who have crafted a brand new 3D gaming mouse called the 3DM-Pro, which utilizes a side-mounted joystick and a rocking axis as part of the primary design. We threw this interesting specimen into our tower and gave it a shot with some of our favorite games for this review.


Right off the bat, let’s talk about the side-mounted joystick. The functionality and placement of this are both interesting and occasionally confusing. The stick itself is easy to move and fine to play with, and comes with a little bit of pullback so that it isn’t just wildly flailing about. But the practicality of it does take some getting used to, as I learned using it in both Call Of Duty WW2 and Overwatch, where I utilized it as my character’s primary movement while also using the mouse movement for my aim. It took some getting used to, but it is a learnable skill and I found it to be a refreshing way to try and fight in an FPS environment. Also, side bonus to Overwatch, I could jump just by flicking the joystick up, which was a lovely bonus and I could keep my left hand on the primary weapons choices. I won’t lie, there were a few moments of losing awareness and walking where I shouldn’t have, but it makes for a fine alternative for those who wish to escape using WASD to get around.


The base of the mouse comes with six plastic pads that serve as the pressure points for the rocking mechanism. The mouse feels like it’s on wheels as you move around the pad, and the rocking motion reacts to your hand as a sort of cushion reacting to where you place the weight. Its a combination of being in an uneasy position while also feeling like you’re in a natural position at the same time. It’s hard to explain unless you’re holding it yourself, but try to imagine doing something for the first time without any practice and feeling like you already have the hang of what you’re doing.


The rest of the mouse looks and feels like almost every other pro gaming mouse you’ve ever played with, having two thumb buttons, a DPI button, and a rubber scroll wheel. The additions you’ll notice is that the top of the mouse has more of a pad feeling to it, while the sides have rubber grips. The mouse is plug-and-play without requiring any setup, but you can utilize the software for it to control sensitivity, the RBG color, as well as a demo area so you can test the settings and get a feel of how its supposed to work and an options area that will allow you to map it how you see fit. Basically, this mouse has the ability to be programmed however you wish for the game you’re entering, which includes taking options that would normally be bound to specific keys and moving them into the mouse to give you complete control in a single hand if you so desire.


The Lexip 3DM-Pro gaming mouse is one of the weirdest devices I have ever played with in my life, and that is absolutely fine. This took me out of my element and put me in a new one where I had odd options I’d never considered doing before. Now I fully admit, this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, we’re pretty sure there will be people who are heavily critical of the design. But in our opinion, this is an experimental design for experimental people who want to try something new and break out of the norm of how they’ve been gaming for years. Chances are, those people will both like it and use it more frequently. It doesn’t feel like a novelty like the trackball was in the early ’00s, it feels like a cool progression. Lexip deserves a fair shot with the general public to let them see how it feels and let consumers decide.

The company currently doesn’t have a website, only a Kickstarter to get the project funded and off the ground. But if they’re sending out copies for review, we’re guessing the rollout will be happening sometime this year. If you manage to get your hands on one, even if it’s just to try out, give it a shot and see how it feels.

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