Nanoleaf Reveals The New Screen Mirror Light Panels

Nanoleaf Reveals The New Screen Mirror Light Panels

This morning, Nanoleaf introduced their latest addition to their array of light panels with their new Screen Mirror lights. This is a brand new setting that works with the app to create a reflection of light on your Light Panels and Nanoleaf Canvas. As you can see from the images below, the new system is […]

It's Alive? Elon Musk's OpenAI Tech Tells Me A Very Spooky Story

It’s Alive? Elon Musk’s OpenAI Tech Tells Me A Very Spooky Story

I’ve never been one to get too freaked out about the looming challenges and transformations that the world faces as we enter an era of sophisticated and widespread use of artificial intelligence. This is not to say that I don’t believe that the rise of such technology will have a dramatic impact on all of […]

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Bethesda Announces ORION – Another Game Streaming System

Game streaming services are pretty much the hot ticket item right now, and it looks like Bethesda has decided to get the jump on other publishers by pushing out their own system. ORION will be Bethesda’s streaming system, that will let you play their games with max settings on any PC or mobile device, regardless […]

SCUF Gaming Launches a New Xbox One Controller

SCUF Gaming Launches a New Xbox One Controller

SCUF Gaming has officially announced that for the first time in two years, they’re producing a fully customizable Xbox One controller. The full announcement came out this morning for what they’re calling the SCUF Prestige along with images and a trailer of the controller, and this is looking super impressive as it is a modern […]

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Firewatch Developer Panic Debuts A Crank-Based Handheld in PlayDate

One of the strangest unveilings we’ve seen in a minute comes to us from Firewatch developer Panic who debuted a new crank-based handheld called PlayDate. The unit itself looks like a stripped-down Gameboy with a D-Pad and just two buttons, but it operates with the use of a crank on the side. The demo, which […]

Razer Is Putting An End To The Ouya In June

Razer Is Putting An End To The Ouya In June

We knew it would eventually happen one day, and that day has come as Razer announced it would be ending the Ouya in June. The shorthand version is that it just didn’t do that well, so the company is cutting their losses and putting an end to everything on June 25th, 2019. All accounts will […]

Using Old Adobe Creative Cloud Software Could Get You Sued

Using Old Adobe Creative Cloud Software Could Get You Sued

If you own an old copy of Adobe’s Creative Cloud software, you might be at risk of being sued by the company for using it. Adobe began sending some users of it’s Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Premiere, Animate, and Media Director applications a warning letter, telling them they were no longer legally authorized to use the […]

Review: PowerA Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

We got a number of items to review from PowerA when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, but the ones we were most excited to try were their Pro Controllers. Technically, the item is called an “Enhanced Wireless Controller”, but we know better, this is an officially licensed third-party Pro Controller. Which is a godsend […]

ASUS' ZenFone 5Z Will Take Part in the Android Q Beta

ASUS’ ZenFone 5Z Will Take Part in the Android Q Beta

ASUS’s new ZenFone 5Z will be joining the Android Q Beta test phase, which marks the first time an ASUS ZenFone has participated in one of Google’s mobile OS betas. ASUS is hoping that cooperating with Google for the beta will help improve the ZenFone experience for users, by optimizing the phone for the new […]

New Call Of Duty Esports League Confirms Five Cities to Start Teams

Razer Unveils New Star Wars Stormtrooper Peripherals

Razer is about to make a lot of Star Wars fans happy today as the company has unveiled a new line of Stormtrooper peripherals for your PC setup. The three items in question are a BlackWidow Lite Keyboard, an Atheris Wireless Mouse, and Goliathus Extended Gaming Mouse Mat, all of which have been decked out […]

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Razer Announces the Hammerhead Duo Earbuds for Mobile Gaming

This week, Razer unveiled their brand new Hammerhead Duo in-ear headset featuring dual driver technology focused more on mobile gaming. The dual driver tech is in reference to the two audio drivers within the headset that are working together to bring a much more vibrant sound than your standard earbuds would. The company has made […]

Valve Introduces Their New Valve Index VR Software and Gear

Valve Introduces Their New Valve Index VR Software and Gear

Today, Valve introduced its brand new VR unit to compete with others on the market called the Valve Index, which will work specifically with Steam. The Valve team is currently working on three games for the setup but won’t say what they are, only showing off the hardware to the entire thing which looks like […]

Review: Nanoleaf Dodecahedron Remote

A while ago we received the Nanoleaf’s Light Panels for review and had a lot of fun basically replacing an entire room’s worth of lights with just nine LED panels. The company had a curious looking accessory to add to the mix in the form of a Nanoleaf Remote, which was in the shape of […]

Arizona Sunshine: Rampage

Nomadic Introduces Latest VR Experience in Arizona Sunshine: Rampage

If you happen to live anywhere where Nomadic has a VR setup, the company is unleashing a new game for you to try called Arizona Sunshine: Rampage. A sequel to the already successful Arizona Sunshine franchise, this new game will launch in the Spring and put you in the middle of a tactical spree against […]

Samsung Unveils Their 2019 8K and 4K QLED TV Line

Samsung Unveils Their 2019 8K and 4K QLED TV Line

Samsung has just unveiled their 2019 lineup of QLED TVs, which now includes their popular The Frame model. The 2019 model of The Frame will blend pristine QLED picture quality with over 1,000 works of art so your TV can be functional even when not in use. The Frame will still include the various bezel […]

Razer Releases Some Familiar Items Designed for “Value-Conscious Gamers”

Razer has released a brand new line of products that might look a little familiar to you but have a new design and a new purpose altogether. The company has released new versions of the BlackWidow keyboard, Kraken gaming headset, and the Basilisk Essential gaming mouse, all with new designs as well as new prices […]

The Samsung Q7F QLED TV is Too Good for Your Average Game

The 55″ Samsung Q7F is a massive and absolutely gorgeous display that’s far too good for most of the things you’ll ever use a TV for, and that includes most games. Sure, there are a few exceptional games that look absolutely stunning on the QLED display, but the majority just don’t do it justice. Sure, […]

You Can Now Get a SEGA Genesis Controller for the Nintendo Switch

Have you ever been playing SEGA Genesis Classics on your Nintendo Switch and thought, “I wish I has a Genesis controller for this?” Dream no longer! The crew over at 8BitDo have created a retro controller that looks and plays almost exactly like a proper SEGA Genesis controller. Technically, it’s a remake of the six-button […]

Review: Astro Gaming A40 TR X-Edition Gaming Headset

A little while ago, we received a couple new headsets from Astro Gaming to try out for review, the first one being the A40 TR X-Edition. This one was specifically made to celebrate the company’s ten year anniversary of bringing you high-quality audio to your gaming sessions by bringing back an updated classic with some […]

AVerMedia Launches a New Live Streamer Microphone With the MIC 133

The crew over at AVerMedia have released details for a brand new live streamer microphone on the way with the MIC 133. According to the specs, the Live Streamer MIC 133 includes the AM133 unidirectional cardioid condenser microphone, which can be connected to pretty much any device you’d like, including being mounted on a camera via […]