Trying Out the New Liquet Lenses from Gunnar

Last month, Gunnar announced that they were releasing a brand new type of lens for their eyewear called Liquet Lenses. The new lenses are designed to help protect your eyes from the indoor blue light you’re exposed to daily from monitors, cell phones, you name it. We were curious just how well the new lenses worked, so we asked Gunnar for a set to try out, which they sent us to review in a pair of Enigma frames.


We own a couple different versions of Gunnar glasses, so we had some additional pairs using the previous form of lenses to compare to. Right off the bat, we noticed there was less of a yellow tint to the vision. In previous models, you can see an obvious change in hue, which is used to combat the eyestrain and the UV that you’re being bombarded with. The change in color really improved what I was looking at and gave me a better sense of how much blue light was actually hitting me throughout the day. The one primary drawback that I had to deal with is that the lenses seemed to reflect back at me more than other pairs, so often I would catch something int he corner of my eye or think there was a smudge on the lens, only to find out that it was my eye’s own reflection looking back at me.


Ultimately, we’re impressed with the new lenses and are kind of curious to see how Gunnar implements them into their regular lineup of glasses to come. They probably won’t be for everyone as each person’s eyes operate in different ways, but for us, they were easier to look through and presented more of a calmer tone to the world around us compared to previous models. We highly recommend giving them a shot to see if they work for you.

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